My name is Chris Norton, and I am an MA Graduate in Humanities from Old Dominion University and am currently pursuing an MA in Art History from George Mason University.

While this blog was created as a requirement for my Clio Wired course, which deals with the construction of digital history, I plan to utilize it primarily as a vehicle to express my ideas and musings about various readings and various topics. I intend for the site to be somewhere between academic and casual in writing style, but I will likely be wrestling with academic concerns and how they work in conjunction with our ever changing reality.

As the title hopefully implies, I love back and forth commentary and receiving feedback, even if it’s not all positive or in agreement with my points. To that end I will accept constructive comments (read: not blatant profanity or off-topic) even if they don’t agree with my opinion, and I will typically reply in kind. As long as the conversation remains on the up and up I don’t typically have a problem continuing a debate until both sides agree to disagree or one of us changes our opinions with the caveat that I am somewhat busy so I may not respond immediately. I will admit outright that it takes quite the compelling argument to sway my opinions, but will also assure the reader that they can be swayed!

That said, welcome to my blog, I hope to have some great conversations as a result of it, and hear new and interesting ideas from friend and stranger alike.

– Chris


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