RSS Feeds for Thought

One of the requests that we’ve been tasked with is to share some of our RSS feeds. Now, prior to signing up for this course and being told to create one, I hadn’t even thought to use an RSS reader (outside of the PULSE application on my phone), and with twitter being a seemingly more robust version of the RSS reader, I didn’t really see the point. That said, after subscribing to some of the following feeds, I can definitely see the pros to having one. In particular, the ability to subscribe to an RSS feed that acts as an aggregate feed.

RSS Feeds that I’ve subscribed to:

The Arts Newspaper

Arts Journal

Arts and Culture at the Smithsonian

The British Museum’s Blog

ArtStor Blog

Of the sites listed, the Arts Journal and Arts Newspaper are both great aggregate sites for wide-ranging information about current events for those concerned with Art History. The Arts and Culture section from the Smithsonian and the British Museum’s Blog are fairly self-explanatory, though they are updated less frequently than one might expect for such large institutions. ArtStor is an invaluable tool as an art historian due to its large library of high definition images of artworks of all times.


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September 3, 2013 · 7:59 AM

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