Hello World

It was quite the tough decision to name this blog. I found myself torn between the name at the top, and something along the lines of The Procrastinator.  I’ve wanted to write blogs (of various sorts and on various topics) for quite some time now, but dragging my feet has always been easier than sitting down and getting started. That said, this Clio Wired course has mandated that I finally do some legwork so here I am and I fully intend to hit the ground running.

For a more robust introduction, my name is Chris, I have a master’s degree in Humanities from Old Dominion University and I’m working on a master’s degree in Art History at George Mason University. I love theory, I’m pretty opinionated, and I’m quite candid – so I don’t typically have concerns with voicing my opinion on things. I titled this blog The Antagonist because I like to play devil’s advocate with most (all?) topics of conversation, particularly topics mired in constructed notions of what Gramsci called common sense. I’m looking forward to this class as sort of intellectual investigation into how social media and the online world has redefined how we create and interact with knowledge and how we can use these new modes to teach/convey this knowledge in a more compelling fashion.


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